Mike Paulhus Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords

Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings Part 1

  • Dungo entertained the crowd with some interesting poetry
  • Ring Verndale tried helping some young women with a tug o’ war contest and lost
  • Runderig showed to be rather protective of Dungo. Is there more to this?
  • Biddle proved to be more observant of the festival and took on some wagers
  • Schnyder showed that he is a bit of a prankster turning up the heat on Dungos performance.
  • Dungo supported the party well with his knowledge of goblins helping the party with his instruction.
  • Ring proved to be a bit clumsy in battle but took out his share of the goblins but almost fell to some skeletons.
  • Rundering proved invaluable in a melee fight.
  • Biddle was helpful in putting out the goblins fires.
  • Schnyder showed some skill with the crossbow an at eliminating undead.



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